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Figgy’s Brazilian-Style Limeade

21 Dec

The recipe is taken from here. I made this a couple summers ago and it was absolutely delicious. The only warning – watch out for the blender. If you are using an old one, you might want to consider doing it the old-fashioned style – with hands, since the blender might just break.


-6 Persian limes, cut into quarters
-plenty of cold water
-plenty of sugar


1) Throw the cut-up lime quarters into the blender, cover them with water and throw in a generous amount of sugar. Pulse about 4 or 5 times, but not too often as you don’t want to tear up the rinds too much.

2) Press into a colander over your pitcher and pour the desired amount of water on top. Adjust quantities of sugar and water to taste.

For an even BETTER drink, add in some shaved ice and a bit of rum. Incredibly refreshing and so easy to make.

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