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Olive Oil Scam

30 Jan

A little while ago I read Have Your Cake & Lose Weight Too by Danelle Wolford and was amazed at the information she provided. One of the most useful things I learned from it is the Olive Oil Scam. Guess what? The olive oil you buy in your store? Chances are, it is made of oil that is not fit for human consumption. It is highly processed, deodorized and sometimes NOT EVEN OLIVE OIL AT ALL!!!

73 percent of the five best-selling imported brands failed to meet the standards of taste and smell established for that grade of olive oil set by European regulators…

…extra virgin olive oil can be cut with other seed oils, including soybean. Extra virgin can be blended with olive oils of lesser grades, on down to those “not fit for human consumption.” Such grades of oil can be rendered fit for consumption by heating , which deodorizes and removes impurities. The resulting oil is relatively flavorless and on a par with vegetable oil.

Source: Olive Oil Fraud Rampant, Trade Agency Finds (ABC News)

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Product Review: 100% Certified Organic Raw Honey

7 Jan

Last year, by this time I got sick at least 6 times (I was sick for pretty much 3 months in a row). So this year I decided to take some serious precautions. Vitamins, exercise and various immune system support tricks became a part of my daily routine. One of my friends even called me a walking pharmacy, because I always have some kind of remedy for nearly everything. One of the most effective tricks to keep a cold away I found to be honey. But not just any honey (especially not the crap stuff that they sell you in key food or any other regular grocery store) but organic raw honey.

I found 100% Certified Organic Raw Honey in our local health food store. It is probably the best tasting honey I’ve ever had. It has very thick consistency (you’d have to put the container in warm water in order to soften it up), wonderful soft aroma (unlike Really Raw Honey, which is very good honey as well, but it’s a bit too much for my nose) and light creamy color. Not only is this honey delicious, it is also great to support your immune system, especially during cold season. One spoon a day with tea is just enough to keep yourself healthy.

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