Neat Trick for an Awesome Pie Crust

22 Apr

This is a tip from Cook’s Illustrated that I have not tried yet, but I have a feeling it might actually work really well:

Water bonds with flour to form gluten, which makes crust tough. Substituting vodka, which is 60 percent water and 40% ethanol, for some of the water results in less gluten formation and produces moist, easy-to-roll dough that bakes up tender (the alcohol vaporizes in the oven).

1. Process flour with butter and shortening.

2. Add water and vodka, stir and press together using stiff rubber spatula.

3. Chill dough, then let soften before rolling out.

I don’t know about the proportions of water vs vodka, but I will try it out next time and will post my findings here. It’s going to be fun to experiment!


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